Are you a beater licker?

A batter taster? A dough nibbler? I sure as hell am. When I’m baking, all bets are off. By the time the main event is ready, I have had enough tastes to know that I don’t need to have a bite of the final masterpiece…but I do anyway. : )

My hat goes off to all the makers out there who are creating, documenting, photographing, developing, and producing really beautiful things all at the same time. In case you've ever wondered, it is extremely challenging to cook/bake, style, and photograph all at the same time. 

Even though I photograph regularly, it’s a different experience when I have to think about so many other steps. It’s a multiverse that requires quite a bit of forethought, big chunks of time, and lots and lots of juggling. Not to mention the prop collecting, the recipe tweaking, and the vibe conjuring. If this sounds familiar to you, I think you might need some help!

What if you could focus solely on the things that you create, and collaborate with a fellow creative to do the rest? Hand me those storytelling reigns! I support entrepreneurs, artists, bakers, chefs, fashion designers, product developers, writers, and more. Digging into your backstory, lifting your dreams, and bringing your creations to life is so much easier when you have an enthusiastic professional watching your back. That professional is me. Hi!

Building your brand is more than a headshot. It’s also: photographs of you with the tools that you use every day, the community that you interact with, the environment in which you create, and the style with which you do it. It’s your convictions, your interests, your experiences, and the visuals that bring all of it together. My mission is to wrap all of this up in a “done and dusted” package tailored just for you. Are you relieved yet? Not sure where to start? Book an exploration call at

In the meantime, enjoy this Strawberry Cake with layers of Creme Patisserie and Strawberry Compote that I created, baked, styled, and photographed. Isn’t that berry bowl from Pottery Barn the CUTEST?