Technology is improving our ability to capture the greatest moments of our lives at a furious pace. You can whip out your phone and grab a few shots to commemorate the occasion, capture the anniversary, celebrate the success, and to drop the selfie. Those images have their place in our lives, but what if you could have speculator magazine-style images that made the most of your assets?

Using a high quality camera is only part of the solution. Not only do I bring the technology...I am also a coach, a stylist, a cheerleader, and a dedicated listener who will bring your photographic dreams to life. There is nothing like having an expert in your corner who can draw out the best in you. Your best angles, your best wardrobe, your best position, your best environment and your most authentic look: I am here to deliver.

-A private Personal Branding session with me starts at $1900.00, and includes 7 portraits and a series of social media-ready files. It's a great way to dip your toes into the luxury photographic experience.

-Portrait, Family, and Pet sessions start at $875.00, and include three digital images and corresponding prints.

-The Collective is a group brand experience tailored for teams or collaborative entrepreneurs who are looking for maximized content: yields a year's worth of content in one session! Work with a high-profile stylist, the best hair and makeup artists in the industry; and, share some space and experiences with others to highlight your skills, product offerings, or collaborative nature. Packages are $3200.00 per person, and result in triple the amount of photographs that a private session yields...when there are more collaborators, there are more image opportunities.

Personal Branding

Launching a shiny new business? Updating your headshots? Branding an exciting product? Let's work together! Collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs lights up my life.

entry package $1900

The Collective

This group branding experience is hot stuff! Share space with fellow artists, entrepreneurs, content creators, or your own in-house team. Includes a stylist, a hair/makeup artist and yours truly collaborating in a contemporary setting. Content HEAVY!

$3200.00 per person, limit 5

contemporary Portraits

Set aside some quality time and immerse yourself in some growth and transformation. A portrait session might be some of the best medicine that you ever invested in: there is nothing more powerful than learning to love the image that you see in the mirror.

Reservation $875

bespoke Family portraits

Are you ready for an update? Bring your family images into present time with a classic heirloom session. Your family has a unique story, and originak artwork will preserve your legacy for generations: serious, silly, whimsical, exciting, casual or elegant.

Reservation $875.00

modern Pet Portraits

Your furry pals are the center of your world: shouldn't they also get
center stage? I love creating custom pet portraits that represent the relationship that you and your best friend share. Want to be in the
pictures too? The more the merrier.